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2010 March 11
by Pieter

Competitive Advantage = Business Process Improvement x Business Process Management Suite

Organisations are all looking to improve their competitive advantage by following one of the 3 Porter strategies:

  • Low cost provider;
  • Differentiation; and
  • Lamisil For Sale, Focus.

Business Processes are the primary vehicle for the implementation of anyone of these strategies and that is the main reason why business process improvement projects are on the top of the list of many organisations, order Lamisil online c.o.d. Lamisil gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Gartner and numerous other research organisations have listed business process improvement on the top of the list for both CEO and CIOs. The cost of labor in developed countries such as the USA, Lamisil alternatives, Buy generic Lamisil, UK and Europe also require continuous review and optimisation of business processes to reduce the labour cost to a level where it can compete with emerging countries like India and China where labour is cheap.

Business Process Improvement Initiatives (BPI2) differs from automation and workflow projects in objective and scope, Lamisil australia, uk, us, usa. The scope of BPI2 is to management process improvement across the enterprise and its objective is to support the strategic objectives of the organisation, Lamisil For Sale. Lamisil price, These strategic objectives typically revolve around both growth and cost reduction plans to support the 3 strategic approached that Porter described.

Automation and workflow focus on automating repetitive tasks in specific business areas and the objectives are generally operational by their nature, Lamisil trusted pharmacy reviews. Purchase Lamisil online no prescription, They are in many instances the result of a pain point or an operational issue that can be easily automated with a hard-coded workflow. Some of these workflows may even have rigid integration into a back office system to reduce time, purchase Lamisil for sale, Buy Lamisil without a prescription, errors and increase productivity of the process. Lamisil For Sale, (Technologies such as WF may be ideally suited to develop these workflows.) It has a transactional perspective and is aimed at solving an operational problem by letting a programmer write a custom application.

Workflows are useful if it can be utilised as part of a bigger business process management solution to support BPI2, where can i buy Lamisil online. Lamisil for sale, The objective of BPI2 is to support the strategic objectives of the organisation as noted earlier and it is part of a continuous improvement process throughout the lifecycle of the business. The processes that support the business strategies need to change as the business move through its lifecycle, canada, mexico, india. Buy Lamisil online cod, This requires an agile approach as business strategies may change quickly in response to market events and requirements. Changes to business processes are identified by business users and they are best suited to define the requirements for the changes to the processes, Lamisil For Sale. Business Process Management Suites, order Lamisil online overnight delivery no prescription, Buy cheap Lamisil, such as XMPro, is designed to support business users in the discovery of their business process requirements and allowing them to compose and deploy new processes without coding and programmer involvement, is Lamisil addictive. Lamisil class, This is also the promise of BPM2.0.

It doesn't mean to say that programmers and developers will disappear, about Lamisil, Lamisil no rx, but their roles will change in the agile process driven world of the Real Time Enterprise (RTE). BPM requires a set of new skills both in business and IT, purchase Lamisil online. Lamisil For Sale, This article will address these new roles later. Buy Lamisil without prescription,

Business Process Management or BPM differs from workflow not just from a technology point of view but also from a strategic perspective. The same technology tools can be used to solve a workflow or a BPM issue, buy Lamisil from canada. Lamisil results, BPM is a management approach that is aimed at managing business processes. The management action is a continuous effort to define process outcomes (KPIs), discount Lamisil, My Lamisil experience, deploy, monitor, Lamisil from mexico, Ordering Lamisil online, analyse and adjust the process in a proactive manner. BPM utilises a broad range of support technologies to accomplish this and a BPMS like XMPro put all these technologies together in s single suite to support the proactive management approach to improve processes or competitive advantage, Lamisil For Sale.

Enterprises that embark on a formal BPI2 goes about it in a structured and methodical way that is based on a sound BPM methodology, Lamisil forum. Where can i cheapest Lamisil online, Developing a point solution workflow doesn't require that same approach and are in many instances a simple specification of an operational flow diagram and it is left to the developer's interpretation of the process to determine what the outcome will be. A BPM methodology is based on aligning the strategic outcomes of the value chains in an Organisation with the operational processes that support them, fast shipping Lamisil. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, A compliance strategy may require a less than optimum technical solution, but it will better support the strategic objectives, Lamisil mg.

The BPMS support the business user throughout the process lifecycle and is a critical success factor for an effective BPI2 Lamisil For Sale, . Lamisil interactions, It empowers a business user to compose strategically aligned processes, optimize, buy Lamisil no prescription, deploy, analyse and monitor them and provides the flexibility and agility to change them quickly to respond to changing business requirements.

Many Organisations are still low on BPM maturity and use the BPMS technology primarily for workflow and integration purposes. These organisations will increase the benefits of using the BPMS ten or hundred fold as they move up the BPM curve towards BPI and increase their competitive advantage.

It is clear that organisations can code workflows in a multitude of developer tools that include a BPMS but the requirements of the Real Time Enterprise need a BPMS to deliver on the competitive advantage of agility in strategy and operational execution.

Business Process Management is not only limited to large organisations with formal business process improvement (BPI) initiatives, but it is just as relevant (if not more so) in mid market businesses that operate in the same competitive landscape as those large enterprises, Lamisil For Sale. They may not have the same resources available but they still have the same types of business applications in place to support the same processes as those larger Organisations. There CRM and ERP solutions may not scale to 50 000 or 100 000 users but the core functionality remains the same. There value chain looks very similar, if not identical, to that of the larger organisations. Their order to cash, procure to pay, and quality management processes have the same inefficiencies as that of larger organisations. Lamisil For Sale, Their business applications are also disconnected and rely on people to understand and drive their processes. Their workflows are also rigid hard-wired integration solutions and their business users require the same ability to adjust processes and business rules as the competitive environment changes.

They have limited IT resources and IT is in many cases outsourced. Business users in the mid market have an even bigger need to be in charge of their own destiny. Their initiatives may not be strategically defined as BPI but are typically more tactically oriented. Take the following Customer Onboarding business scenario:


A sales representative manages his/her prospects in the CRM solution of the organisation, Lamisil For Sale. They only maintain the bare minimum information that is required by the system. At some point in time the prospect may want to be become a customer and a new account needs to be created in the financial application. E-mails typically start flying around and the financial person ends up trying to get the information required to create the account. There are no controls to ensure that the credit status of the prospect is verified and that all supporting documentation accompanies the request.

The process can be managed from start to end with a Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) such as XMPro Lamisil For Sale, to connect the CRM to an approval process through to create the new account in the ERP using drag and drop integration adapters (XMConnect) . The process can be initiated from Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint or a web interface and all the supporting documentation is available with the process audit trail.

This scenario is typical of the operational process requirements that mid-market Organisations face. Managing 50 sales representatives may not have the same operational savings as managing the 12 000 found in some large enterprises, but the improved customer relationship management and quicker account approval process will have significant impact on the sales bottom line.

The process in the example above can be deployed in a matter of days and fine tuned to the exact requirements of the business in weeks. The process can be expanded to include other scenarios and grow as the business grows.

The objective is not to create workflows for requirements that the ERP or CRM can't cater for but to manage the business processes at a tactical level with performance feedback information, dashboards and the flexibility to change as the competitive landscape changes.

Extending business applications with BPMS applications such as XMPro in mid market organisations allow them to compete with large business in the age of Real Time Enterprises.


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